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Flowering Trees for Your Yard or Garden

dogwood tree flowers in atlanta ga

Keeping up a pristine garden can be hard work. We fight all year just to get the beautiful blossoms in spring and summer; but often overlook this simple fix. Ultimately, the easiest way to add color to your yard or garden is to make use of and plant more flowering trees.

Whether you prefer something soft purple or a vibrant red, there will be a tree for you. Additionally, you could find a color that matches the theme of your garden or even something completely opposite to act as a centerpiece. When it comes to flowering trees, you don’t have to be limited as most florist and tree shops carry a variety of species that work in different conditions.

Below, we have listed three common flowering plants that will flourish with very little intervention and have good resistance to pests.

Flowering Cherry Trees

cherry tree flowers

If you want a plant that will flower early, this is the one for you. You will start to see color from early spring, and when you see the gorgeous colors breaking through, you know that winter has come to an end; it’s very much the opening ceremony of summer.

Flowering cherry trees can be planted as individuals or as part of a row that will blossom into pink and white clouds. As it grows relatively fast to a height of 20-30 feet, they make for a good choice when lining a driveway or sidewalk.

You will find these trees all over the country and they can be found in a variety of colors making them one of the most versatile on the market.

Crape Myrtle Trees

flowering crape myrtle tree blooms

Even if you aren’t big on your flowers, you are sure to have heard this one as they are huge in the US. Not only are they incredibly easy to grow, they offer a palette of different colors to spruce up any yard. When searching for these plants, look for the newer variations as they will grow faster and resist disease better.

Furthermore, crape myrtles handle a lack of water well, can adapt to different types of soil, and as we said, are resistant to disease. With these three factors in tow, you will have your colorful landscape in no time.

Finally, they last longer than most other plants and you will find shades of colors that you wouldn’t have thought possible which makes each one unique.

Flowering Dogwood Trees

This is yet another popular option available in a multitude of colors and although they don’t flower all year round, they certainly make for interesting viewing. As the weather changes, the plant will too so be sure to keep an eye on changing colors and red berries.

Dogwood are good for smaller yards because they are small themselves so therefore fit into tiny spaces. If you have a few gaps to fill, this is the one you need. Unlike the crape myrtle, the dogwood does require a little attention if it is to brighten the garden. It needs to be handled carefully as well as being checked for pests or diseases.

So there we have it, three fantastic flowering trees for your yard or garden area. When you get these planted you will soon have a bright colorful landscape to be proud of!